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Key Words

Patient facing applications and prescribed medications – Outputs from discovery work


NHS Digital, as part of a “Patient Enablement” project within the “Digital Medicines” domain of work, investigated ways of improving the repeat prescription process for patients. Through user research we were able to understand many of the problems patients face with the current repeat prescription process and discover solutions to those problems. We believe that this research will be of benefit to others within the healthcare space so we have decided to share the findings presented in the projects ongoing show and tells.

Show & Tell #1 Presentation

Show & Tell #2 Presentation

Show & Tell #3 Presentation

Show & Tell #4 Presentation

What we did

Understanding the issues – 8 weeks


  • Gain a deep understanding of how patients interact with the repeat prescription process, the issues they face
  • Understand what jobs patients want to be able to do, when they want to do them and why they want to do them
  • Understand the dependencies and constraints affecting the project

What we did

  • Desk based market research to understand what services exist
  • Conducted 1:1 interviews with external stakeholders, including industry, academia and healthcare professionals
  • Ethnographic research, including 4 participatory workshops with patients in Bristol, Leeds, Manchester and London
  • Conducted card sorting exercises with internal patient to prioritise patients’ ‘jobs to be done’

Investigating solutions – 6 weeks


  • A series of technically feasible solutions which have been conceptually validated with patients (in the form of ‘jobs to be done’)

What we did

  • Used our research output with input from domain SMEs and clinicians to develop solutions
  • 3 rounds of conceptual prototyping and user testing to (in)validate our assumptions with a wide range of patients ensuring we tested with those who have low digital confidence

What now

The Digital Medicines Domain within NHS Digital are not developing any patient facing applications, but other teams within NHS Digital are. We have shared these outputs with these teams.

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